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High-efficiency PV cells and modules based on HJT technology, BIPV solutions, flexible PV modules and silicon wafers

HJT PV modules

High efficiency photovoltaic modules based on MBB switched heterojunction technology
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HJT PV modules HJT PV modules

HJT PV Cells

with high efficiency and low temperature coefficient
HJT PV Cells HJT PV Cells

Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions

innovative and financially feasible alternative to conventional facades based on HJT technology
Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions

Flexible PV Modules

The plastic substrate and the low weight of the flexible module allow expanding the scope of conventional photovoltaic modules
Flexible PV Modules Flexible PV Modules

Silicon wafers

In-house production of silicon wafers in different formats for the production of photovoltaic cells
Silicon wafers Silicon wafers

Green certificates

We provide the companies with green certificates and renewable energy credits (RECs) in accordance with global standards
Green certificates Green certificates

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Heterojunction technology

Heterojunction technology is the most efficient silicon-based industrial technology with the greatest development prospects

Cell efficiency
Bifaciality factor


On-grid PV station for the warehouse complex in the Rostov region

Solar power plant for cheese manufacturer

Unigreen Energy installed SPP on the roof of Lukoil's office

The largest solar power plant in the capital has appeared in the east of Moscow