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For partners

We work together to ensure our clean and sustainable energy society
For partners

Doing today,
thinking about the future

Unigreen Energy is a vertically integrated
renewable energy company with target presence in entire value chain.
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Heterojunction technology
Most advanced photovoltaic cell technology
Supply chain full control
From PV modules manufacturing up to SPPs maintenance
ZERO carbon footprint
Unigreen Energy monitors the carbon footprint at all levels of the supply chain and production
Research & Development Center
Unique laboratory with leading scientists in solar energy

What we do

We have products of our own production and a range
of services that allows us to build full cycles projects
Solutions of utility scale
for commercial and residential customers
High-efficiency PV cells
and modules based on HJT technology
BIPV modules
for commercial and residential buildings

Our Assets

Our assets are one of the keys to Unigreen’s leadership and success.
We manage our assets using the highest health, safety and environmental standards.

Our factory

The largest manufacturer of HJT products for solar energy in Europe
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Unigreen BNK Electric

Electrical plant for solar energy solutions
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Why partner with us

Reduce costs

Reducing electricity bills of households and small enterprise

Additional power

Fast and easy power supply at your site

Carbon footprint

By reducing your carbon footprint, you demonstrate goodwill toward the planet and leadership within your industry


Official warranty from the manufacturer for the product 12-15 years and for production up to 30 years

Choose your partnership

Be part of innovation
Independent power producer
Investment in the construction and operation of solar power plants, and subsequent sale of generated electricity under long-term PPA to large electricity consumers

  • Lowers electricity costs and hedges the electricity price risk
  • Helps achieve decarbonization (energy transition) goals
  • Provides reliable source of electricity
  • Investment-free from the customer’s perspective
  • No need to involve the customer in the process of SPP’s operation and maintenance
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Own production of silicon wafers, solar cells and modules with a focus on international markets
  • Solar parks construction
  • Facade system for building cladding with electric power generation
  • Full circle production
  • Modernization of production facilities
  • Modern solutions for various business sectors
  • Environmental responsibility for manufactured products
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Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
Turnkey construction of solar power plants in the interests of the customer based on extensive experience as a general contractor and developer of SPPs
  • No construction risk for the customer
  • Guaranteed power plant performance
  • Extensive warranty terms for key equipment
  • Potential debt financing for payment deferral option
  • Could be accompanied with operation and maintenance contract
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We are ready to invest in the construction of solar power plants for the purpose of long-term ownership with the conclusion of a PPA contract

  • Lack of investment by the customer
  • Reducing energy costs by receiving a discount on the tariff
  • Possibility to redeem SPPs at the residual value after the expiration of the contract
  • Additional benefit from the sale of carbon credits
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