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Solar power plant for cheese manufacturer

Cheese manufacturer
Commercial and industrial SPPs
Type of SPP
117 kW
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First Solar power plant (hereinafter - SPP) has started operating on the territory of a cheese production plant in the Moscow region. Solar power plant is designed to provide electricity to a cheese production enterprise.

The production facility is not connected to the power grid infrastructure, so the power supply is carried out at the expense of gas piston units (hereinafter - GPU). Thanks to SPPs work, gas consumption at the GPU is reduced and, accordingly, electricity costs are decreased. 

A pilot project for the construction of ground-based solar generation with a capacity of 117 kW was realized by Unigreen Energy.

A significant load on the power grid, the ever-growing need for electricity supply to production facilities and the desire of manufacturers to reduce electricity costs influenced the decision to build a solar power plant.

It is also necessary to take into account electricity prices, which are constantly growing for legal entities in the Moscow region. Despite the not-so-high level of insolation in the Moscow region, the use of solar power plants is justified, because modern solar panels based on HJT technology generate enough electricity even in cloudy conditions. The choice in favor of renewable energy sources is dictated, among other things, by the desire to follow the ESG agenda and minimize carbon footprint in production.

The projected annual production will be more than 137 MWh, which will ensure an annual reduction of CO2 emissions by 49.5 tons. The generated solar kilowatt-hours are transferred to the internal network of the facility for priority consumption, reducing the load on the gas piston units. Parallel operation of a solar power plant with a GPU provides opportunities for efficient generation.

The manufacturer plans to increase SPPs capacity at this site and install solar power plants at other production facilities based on the results of monitoring the efficiency of generation from a solar power plant.

The installation of a network solar power plant will save 10 000 dollars per year, which corresponds to the company's expectations for payback and return on investment.
137 MW*h
annual output
10 000 dollars
annual projected savings
49,5 tons
annual reduction of CO2 emissions