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Our Fab

The largest HJT PV cells and modules products manufacturer in Europe

1.3 GW/Year
Heterojunction PV production
1 GW
SPPs projects
3 GW
Utility-scale pipeline up to 2025

Our Fab


Reduce carbon footprint
HJT technology works with thinner wafers, thus requiring lower number of processing steps with less material, and ultimately reduces the carbon footprint of HJT products
Global manufacturer of HJT products
Development of an export-oriented industrial complex for the production of highly-efficient and competitive HJT products
ISO certification
Our Fab will comply with the international quality and safety standards
More than 1,150 employees by 2025 which results in economic growth of the region

Production complex

Manufacturing facility

Manufacturing facility

High-quality industrial n-type silicon wafers with an efficiency up to 25% will be used for HJT cells
Heterojunction cells productions includes 6 stages

Heterojunction cells productions includes 6 stages

• Incoming wafers control
• Damages layers removal and surface texturing
• Silicon layers deposition
• Indium tin oxide deposition
• Metallization
• Cell testing

Heterojunction technology

HJT is one of the most efficient industrial-scale PV technologies in the global PV market today. Highly qualified specialists represent the Unigreen Energy team backbone. Due to joint efforts, we achieve the most successful results in solar energy

PV cell efficiency
Bifaciality factor
About HJT technology

Construction of the plant

July 29, 2021

Start of construction of the Fab

The start of the project was marked by the laying of a commemorative capsule at the site of the future enterprise
January 19, 2023

First operators started working at the Fab

Prior to the start of production, all employees will undergo a mandatory training program
March 15, 2023

Installation of the main technological equipment - growth units

Growth plants are designed for growing single-crystal silicon ingots by the Czochralski method

Manufacturing process

Customized PV solutions

HJT PV products will be available in various formats depending on required power, size and shape
Customized PV solutions

Manufacture products

HJT PV modules

High efficiency photovoltaic modules based on MBB switched heterojunction technology
Explore Explore
HJT PV modules HJT PV modules

HJT PV Cells

with high efficiency and low temperature coefficient
HJT PV Cells HJT PV Cells

Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions

innovative and financially feasible alternative to conventional facades based on HJT technology
Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions

Flexible PV Modules

The plastic substrate and the low weight of the flexible module allow expanding the scope of conventional photovoltaic modules
Flexible PV Modules Flexible PV Modules

Silicon wafers

In-house production of silicon wafers in different formats for the production of photovoltaic cells
Silicon wafers Silicon wafers

Green certificates

We provide the companies with green certificates and renewable energy credits (RECs) in accordance with global standards
Green certificates Green certificates

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