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On-grid PV station for the warehouse complex in the Rostov region

Utility-scale SPP
Type of SPP
1,060 kW
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To reduce the negative impact on the planet, socially responsible companies are implementing "green" technologies. And warehouse logistics is no exception. One of the pioneers in the logistics business in Russia is the Rostov-based company Raven Russia, which is actively promoting initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint through the use of renewable energy sources and measures to reduce CO2 emissions.
The first phase of a ground-based solar power plant with a capacity of 530 kW was installed at the Don Logopark in September 2021. The solar installation consists of more than 1340 Russian-made HJT solar modules and is installed on an area of about 10,000 m².

The second phase of the ground-based solar station was launched in March 2022. The total capacity of the station (1st and 2nd stages) is 1050 kW of electricity. More than 2.5 thousand HJT solar modules with a power of 395 W each are installed in the adjacent territory of the logistics center. HJT solar panels provide increased (up to 25%) electricity generation throughout the entire life cycle of the power plant due to the most efficient operation both in cloudy conditions and at high ambient temperatures. The photovoltaic system is located on an area of 18640 m².

All installation work, selection and supply of equipment was carried out by Unigreen Energy. The official warranty from the module manufacturer is 25 years. At current electricity prices, the payback period will be less than 10 years.
The plant's projected annual electricity generation will be 678 MW*year, which will save up to 8.2 million rubles annually and avoid more than 480 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. It is planned that the solar power plant will provide a significant amount of electricity consumed by the warehouse complex.
> 8.2
million rubles
tons per year