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Empower with
solar energy

Start generating solar energy with one of the leading companies in HJT PV market

1.3 GW/Year
Heterojunction PV production
1.4 GW
SPPs projects
3 GW
Utility-scale pipeline up to 2025

Doing today,
thinking about the future

Unigreen Energy is a full cycle company in the field of renewable energy
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Heterojunction technology
Most advanced photovoltaic cell technology
Supply chain full control
From PV modules manufacturing up to SPPs maintenance
ZERO carbon footprint
Unigreen Energy monitors the carbon footprint at all levels of the supply chain and production
Research & Development Center
Unique laboratory with leading scientists in solar energy

Heterojunction technology

Heterojunction Technology is the most efficient and promising silicon-based industrial technology for solar energy

Cell efficiency
Bifaciality factor


HJT PV modules

High efficiency photovoltaic modules based on MBB switched heterojunction technology
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HJT PV modules HJT PV modules

HJT PV Cells

with high efficiency and low temperature coefficient
HJT PV Cells HJT PV Cells

Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions

innovative and financially feasible alternative to conventional facades based on HJT technology
Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions Building Integrated Photovoltaics Solutions

Flexible PV Modules

The plastic substrate and the low weight of the flexible module allow expanding the scope of conventional photovoltaic modules
Flexible PV Modules Flexible PV Modules

Silicon wafers

In-house production of silicon wafers in different formats for the production of photovoltaic cells
Silicon wafers Silicon wafers

Green certificates

We provide the companies with green certificates and renewable energy credits (RECs) in accordance with global standards
Green certificates Green certificates

Solutions and services

Utility-scale SPPs

Utility-scale SPPs

We offer large-scale ground mounted projects operating primarily
via EPC, IPPs financial schemes.
Commercial and industrial SPPs

Commercial and industrial SPPs

For commercial and industrial customers we offer turnkey solutions in various sectors:
oil and gas industries, mining industry, agriculture etc
Residential SPPs

Residential SPPs

Our portfolio includes turnkey solutions for low power business projects

Vertically integrated company

Research & Development
Implemented scientific developments
> 100
Accomplished projects
> 62
Technologically advanced units

Research & Development

The R&D Center is a unique laboratory in the Russian market, highly qualified personnel and continuous scientific activity with a focus on production scale
Production complex
Launch time
>1.3 GW/year
Estimated capacity
25 %
Cell efficiency

Production complex

The largest HJT PV products manufacturer in Europe
Solar plants
1.5 GW
SPPs under construction
up to 30 years
Performance warranty

Solar plants

Unigreen is engaged in engineering, construction and operation
of utility-scale SPPs, feeding electricity into the grid


On-grid PV station for the warehouse complex in the Rostov region

Solar power plant for cheese manufacturer

Unigreen Energy installed SPP on the roof of Lukoil's office

The largest solar power plant in the capital has appeared in the east of Moscow

Promoting a healthy
and sustainable global community

Our business is based on the concept of sustainable development aimed
at meeting each customer’s needs, improving life quality and taking care
of the environment


The logo of solar modules installed on the roof of the central office of LUKOIL
Grid-mounted solar power plant combines rooftop installation of modules and an integrated solution of red and white solar modules in the shape of the LUKOIL logo with a capacity of over 40 kW.
Unigreen Electric acquired a plant for the production of electrical equipment in the Rostov region
Since 2008, the plant has been producing modular packaged transformer substations, packaged switchgear and other low-voltage equipment designed to power various facilities.